Omg ANI is an eye brow God .... I have had five operations on my eyebrow because I had a tumor removed and with that tumor being removed all of the operations I have had severe hair follicle loss and she has made me feel pretty again. Thank you ANI. You've been a blessing!

- Annemarie H.
I love going to Ivy Laser Salon. From getting my brows threaded, to amazing full eyelash extensions and having laser treatment. Her staff is awesome and I always feel comfortable when I come in for my appointments. The owner is so professional and I love that she is so accommodating to my busy schedule that she makes time to squeeze me in even on their busiest day.

- Josie L.
Amazing! This place changed my life for the better. I no longer have to try and hide embarrassing facial hair, and that makes me feel fabulous. I saw results two weeks after my first appointment, the hair fell out and is growing back much finer and thinner. My skin is smooth and soft where it used to be bumpy and coverd in concealer. My only regret is not finding this place sooner. If your considering one of their services just do yourself a favor and make an appointment!

- Kristen W.
I've been here a few times to remove some of my facial hair. The owner is very personable, and the price is probably the best in town. The best thing about it is that the hair removal actually works. I've dealt with stubborn facial hairs including the side burns, now I don't shave my sideburns which is pretty amazing.

- J.E.
I've had lash extensions applied in the past and normally I would just let them fall out and wait another year and try them again if I had an event coming up. Ani has me HOOKED and coming every 2 weeks to get lash fills. Not only are the prices super reasonable (cheaper than any other place I've gone) it's nice to always have the same person applying them, and she makes sure your set is perfect every time, and does it in record time. The benefit of waking up looking bright eyed and bushy tailed with a full set lashes and not having to apply the timesuck that mascara is every morning, is AWESOME. I also was previously a MAC artist (which means I do my own brows, thank you) but they were getting a little out of hand and Ani evened them right out with threading (also my first time trying that) without overdoing it (aka turning your brows into Pam Anderson 90's brows) ... My brows were perfectly shaped. Ivy Laser has the professionalism and quality of a world class spa but also provides an unsurpassed level of friendliness and comfort. RECOMMEND!

- Megan F.
oh.my.god. amazing. I walked in there super nervous as i've been told by many other places that they can't treat pre-op transgendered women. Bummer. but then i found this place and no matter how many times i asked her if she was okay with it the response was always OF COURSE! YEA! the experience itself was so nice and welcoming. The place was super clean and a really nice shade of purple. The bed you lay on was a nice cushioned doctor's room bed.

gloves were worn and everything was super professional.

the pain? ow. but not that bad, just like a bunch of rubberbands snapping against you. i'm a flincher so everytime it came on it scared me a bit but it was over pretty quickly.

the quality of the work? amazing. I was worried that the little black specks meant that it didn't work properly but i washed my face and applied some sunscreen and could immediately see that there was a less noticeable shadow.

in conclusion?

Ivy laser salon is awesome.
Ivy laser salon is LGBT friendly
Ivy laser salon is clean
Ivy laser salon doesn't hurt
Ivy laser salon is awesome.

- Tiffany N.
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