Laser Skin Tightening

skintighteningTreatment: Reduce wrinkles and improve your skin tone, for a more youthful appearance! Our non-invasive laser safely targets the body’s existing collagen layer and stimulates natural collagen production, which may have been compromised by aging and/or sun damage. Skin tightening treatment areas include the forehead, eyes, cheeks, jowls, lips nasiolabial folds, neck and decollete.

Results: Most people experience results immediately following the procedure. However, this treatment stimulates the natural growth of collagen, which may take some 3-6 months and/or up to 6 sessions to experience full results.

*Inquire within for package pricing and monthly specials.
Prices listed below are per session.

Laser Skin Tightening Pricing

  • Face $180 & up
  • Neck $200
  • Decolletage $200
  • Arms $300
  • Abdomen $300
  • Thighs $300