Laser Body Sculpting

bodysculptingTreatment: Our FDA-approved Zerona laser painlessly dehydrates fat cells, causing them to release fat and toxins, which are naturally flushed out by the body – NO surgery! NO downtime! AND to ensure maximum results, we include a customized meal plan, written by our in-house nutritionist. Sessions are 20-min front + 20-min back and can chose 5 areas to target on each side. These treatments are done laying down, you can read a book or listen to music during treatment.

Results: We require 6 treatments, which must be completed within a 2 WEEK period (every other day – pick Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday). Each session is approximately forty minutes. Clients are encouraged to hydrate well and exercise daily to help the body flush out deposits – and, thus, experience maximum fat loss results. Clients have lost up to 9 inches in 2 weeks!!

*Inquire within for package pricing and monthly specials.
Prices listed below are per session.

Laser Body Sculpting Pricing

  • 6 Sessions / 2 Weeks $999

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